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Welcome to the page for The Solo Biz Reset Challenge! 

What to expect -

A Solo Biz Design Strategy for you to use based on Self Care.

(FAQ - Is this about Meditation, Mindfulness or Manifesting? Answer - No.)

Designed and created as a convenient, useful Digital Guide 

with access to a  group area online Creative Mum Corner, for group

comments about the content in the guide with input from me 

personally on a daily basis (albeit virtually).

This is a unique, easy to follow A- Z challenge which includes suggested activities, separated

 in to three sections and has been designed from providing services and products for others

who are pursuing their own creative endeavours and from personal experience too. 

Created by


You are very welcome!

Please Note and see Disclaimer - This is not a tailored guide, it has been designed for you to use & adapt & enjoy the group areas - I get that you like to do everything yourself!


Jacqueline is the Founder and Creator of Do Busy Well Mum which is a Complementary Resource Online for Creative Mums in the UK who are busy working on their Home Business ideas around everything else they do.

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