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Simply Stop and Sort your Solo Biz!

Welcome to The Solo Biz Reset Challenge (formerly Creative Mums Challenge) is dedicated to helping you stay on track with your Solo Biz - Product or Service -whatever it may be. 





This is an exclusive experience that has been designed and developed from personal experience and by providing a service for others - mainly Mums - who are pursuing their own creative endeavours. 

It is delivered digitally and online in a focused way to help alongside you as you continue to create as a Home Business Owner - whatever your Solo Biz may be - with confidence!

The Solo Biz Reset Challenge has been designed to help you create your own Simple Solo Biz Strategy by focusing on Self Care activities - in your own time and at your own pace.

  • 30 Step Guide to the suggested activities (via private programme area with personal log in), 
  • Access to Q & A in the online group areas, with regard to The Challenge.
  • Workbook/Workshop/PDF Template Free Zone

All under one roof.

with access to a -

friendly, focused support space online 
with daily input/support from me personally (albeit virtually).

Discover what all the above means so that you can decide whether The Solo Biz Reset Challenge is suitable for you and your vision.

Be my guest!

Mum's Solo Biz Supplement

The Solo Biz reset Challenge at Do Busy Well Mum

Created by 

Jacqueline - Home Business Coach and Complementary Therapist at Do Busy Well Mum

You are very welcome!


Jacqueline is the Founder and Creator of Do Busy Well Mum which is a Complementary Space and Resource Online for Creative Solopreneur Mums in the UK who are busy working on their Home Business projects from home around everything else they do.

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